VOIP - Secure Communication - Message Encryption



We are a company located in Hong Kong. Our company works on multiple Projects mostly based on Encryption & Privacy.

Our Services

Message Encryption

We provide strong encryption technology such as PGP & ZRTP

Privacy and Cooperation

Fsociety specifically chose Hong Kong (HK) for its headquarter because there are “No Mandatory Data Retention Laws” in Hong Kong. We are, therefore, not legally obliged to store user data and share it with anyone.

Secure Network

We provide high grade encryption network. Our communications are encrypted with ZRTP. We can detect any interception on GSM Network such as IMSI Interception.

Exchange of Informations

Even if and when we receive subpoenas that are legally upheld in the court of law in Hong Kong, we will not be in a position to value anything.

"If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy."
Philip Zimmermann